Barre is a low impact cardio workout combining Pilates principles and exercises inspired by ballet moves, to music. 

It strengthens and tones your muscles, improves core strength and posture, increases flexibility, increases your mind body connection and helps burn calories by increasing cardiovascular endurance and metabolism.

Barre involves the performance of graceful, controlled movements for several repetitions. The movements are focused on building core strength, alignment, conditioning and stretching to help develop sculpted and lean and toned muscles. It increases cardiovascular endurance and metabolism, which helps to burn calories.


• better posture - including back strength 
• more mobility, strength and stamina - particularly cardio and core strength
• better balance, co-ordination, and better muscle tone 
• better mind-body awareness
• more energy and more able to relax and beat stress
• better sleep.

Not bendy and fit?

Anyone can do a Barre class

Anyone can do a Barre class. You don't need to be fit or bendy to do the class, but the classes will help you become fitter and more bendy. While the classes demand mental and physical focus, they are fun and energising.  In Barre you will move muscles you may not have moved for a while. We use small props in our Barre classes such as light hand weights and small balls to add further challenge - but these are optional.  This is a great class where you get the benefit  of Pilates without having to get down onto the floor/mat!