Class Descriptions


Beginners Pilates

Designed to teach the basics of Pilates - ideal for anyone new to Pilates, or returning after a break. For more see Beginners.

All Levels Pilates

Suitable for beginners and for experienced students. Ideal for groups of friends to do a class together where they are all at different fitness levels. We cover good posture and how to attain it. For more see Benefits of Pilates.

Cardio Pilates:

Ideal for those proficient in Pilates - we incorporate pace and challenge to raise the heart rate to give a full body workout. For more see Cardio Pilates.


Our Pilates Barre classes are a mix of Pilates, Yoga, Ballet moves, and stretching to music - we use a ballet barre as a prop - all moves done standing. This is a fun low impact aerobic class designed to sculpt and tone your body, strengthen your posture, increase mind body connection and guaranteed to leave you energised and glissening.  Ideal for students who like the idea of doing Pilates but don't like the idea of exercising on a mat. For more see BARRE page.

Light hand weights and Pilates balls are used to increase challenge - but they are optional.