PILATES - private 1 to 1 Sessions and Private groups

We offer private classes for individuals and groups. All classes online until further notice.

A private individual class lasts 50mins and is ideal for anyone wishing to focus on achieving their personal targets such as balance, flexibility, muscle strengthening, muscle conditioning, rehabilitation or improved sporting performance. 

It is popular with individuals who like focused attention and a tailored exercise programme and wish to proceed at a pace that suits them.

For those new to exercise, or those who regularly attend classes, we also offer a Fitness Review and Goal Setting 30min session to help assess what is and is not working for you and to plan actions to take during your classes and in your own time to work towards achieving your goals.

A private group class lasts 50mins, is aimed at students who have similar targets and goals, and who generally know each other and are comfortable learning together.It is popular with individuals who are looking for focused attention and who get a group tailored exercise programme.

Groups interested in this structure generally are family members, friends, work colleagues, or sporting companions eg golf partners or team members, or retirement or interestgroups. Generally the group members are all roughly of similar fitness levels, and like the social aspect of working out together.

Private individual class times and Private Fitness/Goals Review times

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