My Top 10 Pilates Questions

Pilates is suitable for all.

It is exercise designed to move all major muscles and joints. Each move in Pilates can be modified to match ability - to either increase or decrease challenge.

As a result, regardless of age, ability or fitness level Pilates has something for everyone.


You don't need to be fit to do Pilates - but Pilates will help build your fitness.

Just bring the body you have – whatever your fitness or flexibility level. Pilates will help increase your flexibility, strength, and endurance. This can help restore and rebalance your body.

If in any doubt about doing Pilates, check with your GP to ensure Pilates is right for you at this time.

Having a medical condition does not automatically mean you can't do Pilates.

Best advice is to check with your GP before starting or continuing with Pilates if you have a medical condition.

Let's have a chat on how we can modify the exercises we do in class to take account of any health issues you have to ensure you get the most out of your class.

Pilates can provide pain relief with non-specific lower back pain.

Best advice is to check with your GP before starting or continuing with Pilates if you have a bad back. 

You may find the Restore Your Back Pilates class helpful.

Best to wear clothes you can easily move in - leggings and t shirt are the most popular choices.

You can choose to wear socks or just workout in your bare feet. If you wear socks, grip ones will stop you sliding. I have a selection of grip socks for sale at the studio.

Your outlook and energy levels will feel boosted after your first classes. 

Joseph Pilates maintained that in “10 sessions - you will feel the difference, 20 sessions - you will see the difference, and after 30 sessions – you will have a new body!”

No. Sadly not.

Pilates will strengthen your core and improve flexibility so your posture will be better, and your risk of injury is reduced.

Pilates will also energise you which will enable you to engage in other activities that in turn could help you lose weight. 

You can expect limited class sizes and full demonstration of all our moves - with modifications and feedback on your progress throughout the class.

Feel free to ask questions at any point. My goal for your class is to have you finish your class feeling better than when you started.

Yes and No.

While the methods are different, Pilates and yoga both develop strength, balance, flexibility, posture and good breathing technique.

Also,Joseph Pilates borrowed some moves from yoga - as well as drawing from his experience as a gymnast, boxer and self defence instructor.


You’ll find that Pilates will complement your usual fitness class, gym workout, or daily routine such as walking.

You may find that Pilates will improve your sports and day to day activities. It will help prevent injury and should injuries occur, help with your recovery.